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As I'm sure you can already tell, I'm obsessed with Elijah and Klaus from The Vampire Diaries (and just Vampire Diaries in general). I apologize in advanced if I flood your dashboard with too many TVD posts.

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~ Wednesday, October 1 ~

People upset at Liam because he wanted to sleep with a lesbian but they are totally ok with Amy wanting Karma to be gay



Liam wanted to sleep with a lesbian was just a one episode thing.

Amy forcing, begging, wanting Karma to be gay is happening in multiple episodes.

Hey, just a heads up. Could you not tag your Karmy hate please? It’s fine if you don’t like them, but I don’t think fans like going into the Karmy tag, and reading hate. To make it fair. if I do post about Liam I will not tag him. :).

Not that I agree with Liamisbetter, but the Liam Booker and Kiam tags are filled with nothing but hate. If Karmy fans want people make the effort not to tag hate in their shipper tag then they should show the same consideration to Kiam and Liam fans. 

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"Jeez…are we still talking about Twilight?" Created by @KarmyHQ for the #FakingItFanArt contest


"Jeez…are we still talking about Twilight?" 

Created by @KarmyHQ for the #FakingItFanArt contest

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~ Monday, September 29 ~

paul dierden in "by means which have never yet been tried"

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~ Sunday, September 28 ~

Charlie’s beard appreciation post

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Soulless Angel vs. Soulless Spike

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friends meme | four sad moments [3/4]
» Ross & Rachel break up.
   "I can’t imagine my life without you."

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He’s impossible to read.

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If you could be with a boy why wouldn’t you? It’d be so much easier. For me or for you?

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Come back to me.


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